Silicon Valley


Bitflip Enterprises is a full-service tech consultancy. We leverage our decades of Silicon Valley experience along with open-source approaches to optimize your code, infrastructure and development practices from end-to-end. Additionally, we perform information security assurance assessments with our Offensive Security-certified penetration testers.

Silicon Valley


Backend Development

We have experience in a broad range of technical stacks, programming languages, and frameworks. From cutting-edge Javascript apps to legacy bash scripts, our consultants have seen it all, and know how to fix it and build upon it.


Clean, well-tested, and easy to iterate on code is the core of engineering productivity. Our consultants have years of experience at Google, Dropbox, and small, fast-moving startups. Our expertise in software best-practices at organizations of different sizes helps you get to a more maintainable codebase, making it faster and easier to add features and fix bugs.

Site Reliability Engineering

Hybrid cloud environments are no problem for our Site Reliability Engineers. AWS, GCP, or on-prem: we can provide the productionization guidance you need to reliably launch, run, and scale your service to 10K users and beyond!

Security Engineering

Our security engineers are OSCP and OSWE-certified. We perform web, infrastructure and network security assessments to find and patch vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them, keeping your business safe from external threats.

Python Software Foundation

Python Software Foundation

Automated Malware Detection in PyPI. Submitted a proposal to the Request for Proposal, wrote implementation code, and gave tech talks in English and Spanish.

Open Tech Strategies

Open Tech Strategies

Security, SRE and DevOps consulting for open source projects, and assistance in moving organizations from closed source to open source.



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